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Issaquah's most critical services depend on infrastructure that is in good working order. For years, the City has leveraged growth and development to support expansion and upgrades to its streets, water and sewer systems, buildings and parks. As the City's infrastructure begins to age, this approach is not sustainable. Ongoing maintenance, expansion and replacement are all needed to ensure Issaquah can keep pace with its recent growth and planned future. Issaquah must implement a long-term infrastructure investment program to remain a desirable and vibrant city.


In general, Issaquah has kept up with its infrastructure needs including its roads, utilities, facilities and parks. With new development, the City has worked to ensure "growth pays for growth," and has leveraged development to meet the demands of a growing community. New requirements, regional growth, aging infrastructure and emergent issues highlight the City's need to shift its focus.

The City regularly assesses and responds to issues or concerns, but going forward, it will need to take an increasingly proactive role in infrastructure monitoring, preventative maintenance, repair and replacement. The City stands to benefit from a comprehensive approach to infrastructure planning - managing its entire portfolio of infrastructure assets, which provide the underpinnings of community vitality and support Issaquah's current and future conditions.


Plans and resources are in place to operate, maintain and replace infrastructure throughout its lifecycle - (IN1)

Potential actions

  • Develop and implement an organization-wide asset management policy and financial plan to ensure sound stewardship of City assets.
  • Plan for and budget operations and maintenance costs with all new capital, including both City developed and dedicated.

Success Measures

Infrastructure Success