High Street Conversion

High Street Conversion

On July 16, 2018 the Council approved the conversion of a portion of High Street in the Issaquah Highlands to a multi-use trail with adjacent recreational amenities and an overlook.

Trail Conversion

To convert the street to a multi-use trail, overlook and recreational amenities, about half of the existing High Street road surface will be removed and resurfaced as the multi-use trail.

High Street will remain public right-of-way though it will be maintained by the Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA).

Construction of the trail is currently underway with a projected completion date in late Fall 2021. Public use may begin by Spring 2022.

Public Survey

During the public process to approve the conversion, the City committed to a survey and public process to decide on which amenities were most appropriate. Using the survey results, the Urban Village Development Commission (UVDC) recommended suitable recreational amenities for the park area.


The High Street conversion was proposed by the applicant for the Westridge North Single Family Preliminary Plat. With the conversion of High Street, its vehicular functions will be replaced by a new road the applicant will build through the proposed plat, which parallels High Street. The applicant will also extend Ellis Drive to connect with West Highland Park. About 100 foot of High Street, north of the Ellis Drive extension, will be retained to allow for access to a future Lakeside neighborhood.