Dog Park

Dog Park


We’re planning to build Issaquah’s first dog park!

Following an extensive public engagement process, an Issaquah off-leash dog park is identified as a near-term priority project in the City’s 2018 Parks Strategic Plan

June 2020 Update 

"These past few months have been a challenging time for sure, and further confirmation that as a community we are all stronger when we work together. It remains a busy time for us here in Issaquah Parks, as we continue to work through the operational impacts within our parks, now begin to re-open amenities, and work through the budget reductions we have had to make. These budget reductions included impacts to our parks capital projects, including the Dog Park.

For those of you interested, we are presenting the revised city work plan and impacts to city-wide capital projects as a result of these budget and staff reductions at a City Council Study Session tonight. Here is the link to that agenda which includes a copy of the work plan and capital project materials. In those materials you will see that the Dog Park is one of those projects. The meeting tonight will be virtual (via WebEx) as all recent meetings have been. You can tune in via the city website or TV21, and as always are welcome to provide your input to the City Council or Mayor via email.

As for the Dog Park specifically: In spite of this pandemic and the impacts on our budget and staffing levels, we remain committed to the community goal (as identified in the 2018 Park Strategic Plan) of incorporating a Dog Park into the Issaquah parks system. Although this delay is a setback to that goal and is likely not the news you were hoping for on this project, we thank you for your understanding and are optimistic this goal will be achieved. In the coming weeks, we will be identifying and exploring options for how to best move forward on this project.

Be well as we get through these times together. Jennifer Fink and I will keep you informed in the coming weeks as these next steps are identified."

-Jeff Watling, Parks and Community Services Director

Community Assistance

In most – if not all – Issaquah park projects, City funds are leveraged with other resources (such as grant funds) to help stretch our local dollars further.  

Similar to many surrounding communities, Issaquah will also be seeking the community’s help in completing this park through volunteer efforts, which will help free up City funds for more elements/amenities. 

Friends Group

For those wanting to participate the dog park’s creation and success, we’d like to invite you to join our "Friends" group. This group will partner with the City during construction and to provide ongoing stewardship of the off-leash dog park.

Learn more by contacting Jennifer Fink.  


  • 2015: Parks staff conducted a study of popular dog parks in the area 
  • 2018: Extensive public engagement, including public meetings and surveys, informed the site selection process   
  • January 2019: Two “Walk and Talk” held at Tibbetts Valley Park for dogs and their owners to explore the site  
  • Winter 2019: Tibbetts Valley Park was chosen as the most feasible site   
  • Spring 2019: A site evaluation was performed on existing conditions and tree assessments  
  • May 2019: Park Board received an update on the project and reviewed the Existing Conditions Report  
  • Summer 2019: Survey presents conceptual options    
  • October 2019: Meeting for the "Friends" group
  • October 2019: Park Board reviews proposed design and process to date
  • November 2019: Survey with proposed design and Park Board reviews process chart, project breakdown & estimate, proposed design and survey feedback. Park Board recommends moving forward with the development of the proposed design at Tibbetts Valley Park    
  • TBD: Next steps and eventually permitting, site preparation and construction begin

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