Bike Park

Bike Park


As part of the Issaquah Highlands development, the developer, Port Blakely, donated funds for the construction of an introductory skills bike park at Central Park.

The City is partnering with the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance to help make this long awaited amenity a reality. As the local experts in mountain bike facilities, they are providing their design expertise for this introductory skill building bike park at Central Park.

September 2020 Update

The 2020 capital improvement budget for construction of the bike park at the Central Park location, is reliant upon the receipt of grant funding through the annual King County Youth and Amateur Sports grant program. Unfortunately, King County did not fund capital projects as part of the 2020 grant cycle due to a forecasted $2.4 million revenue shortfall for year 2020. They did however, fund $605,000 in reserve funding to fulfill programming needs within King County.  

With this news, we are unable to complete the bike park project this year, or next year. Given the new economic position, it may be a while before grant funding returns return to its normal funding capacity.  

This is the second year in a row this project has not received the grant funding needed to construct this project. We are continuing to work with our partner, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance to rethink the future of the bike skills park and may even rethink its location and size to fit within available funds. Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance is very excited to help us achieve our collective goal to get this long-awaited facility constructed in Issaquah's park system.

We will continue to share any further updates on this project with you.  

Learn more about this project by contacting Jennifer Fink.  

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