Human Services


Issaquah strives to be a healthy community where every person is considered essential, and where meeting basic human needs is considered a shared responsibility.

Human Services focuses on providing resources and caring for the well-being of our most vulnerable community members such as residents with low-incomes, disabilities, individuals who are homeless, immigrants, refugees, and other groups historically marginalized based on their race, age, sexual orientation, emotional, physical ability or other factors.

To help accomplish the Human Services initiatives in the community, the City of Issaquah takes on the following roles in the community: policy framer, funder, connector, advocate and supporter. We are guided by the Human Services Strategic Plan.

Areas of Focus

Human Services supports community needs in the following areas:

  • Establish programs and services aimed at enhancing people’s lives through grantmaking
  • Advance equity, diversity, inclusion and social justice
  • Help community members in crisis access a broad range of supportive services through the Behavioral Health and Homeless Outreach Program in collaboration with Issaquah Police Department
  • Issaquah City Council recently adopted funding for a pilot Emergency Housing Program (EHP) that will assist individuals who are homeless in Issaquah in their transition towards becoming housed and self-sufficient members in the community.
  • Assist community members participating in the Community Court program including establishing a Virtual Room Center

Equity Board

In August 2021, the City created an Equity Board, a community commission staffed by the Human Services Division, to help guide the City on its diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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