Bids, RFPs & RFQs

Construction, Consultants & Supplies Roster

The City of Issaquah uses a shared electronic roster, Public Purchase, for soliciting materials as well as contractors, engineering, architecture and consultant services for small public works and construction projects.

Automatic Notifications

To receive automatic notification of our City projects and requests for proposals (RFPs), as well as download plans, specifications and bid documents for larger construction projects, suppliers must register with Public Purchase. Registration is easy and free!

Shared Procurement Portal

The City has partnered with other public agencies to create the Shared Procurement Portal, a regional website that consolidates procurement services and information, making it easy for the government and businesses to work together.

It's where you can view multiple agencies' business and small public works opportunities, find useful resources and get your questions answered. 

Current Projects

Below is a list of current projects for which the City of Issaquah is seeking bids, requests for proposals (RFPs) or requests for quotes (RFQs).

Closed Bids

Below is a list of projects for which the City of Issaquah sought bids, RFPs or RFQs.