Code Enforcement


Code Enforcement Division of the Community Planning & Development Department is responsible for enforcing various chapters of the Issaquah Municipal Code which address public health and safety issues including:

  • Dangerous or substandard buildings
  • Environmental violations
  • Zoning and land use
  • Junk vehicles on private property
  • Trash and debris
  • Number or type of animals
  • Other nuisances
  • Vegetation encroaching into the right-of-way
  • After hours or weekend construction

Code Enforcement works in partnership with other City departments and Issaquah residents to develop and implement innovative solutions to complex problems related to health and safety in our community.

For abandoned vehicles in the public right-of-way, please contact the Issaquah Police Department at 425-837-3200.

For nuisance animals (i.e. barking dogs or animals at-large) please contact Animal Services of King County at 206-296-7387.

Submit a Request

To file a ticket online, visit our Submit a Request page. Otherwise, please contact code enforcement at 425-837-3107.