Business Licenses

Who needs a business license?

All businesses operating within City of Issaquah limits are required to obtain a license from the City. A business includes all services and activities engaged in with the object of pecuniary gain, benefit or advantage to the person or another person or class, directly or indirectly. For a complete definition and exemptions, see Issaquah Municipal Code Section 5.02.010.

Obtaining a License

  1. City Limit Boundaries MapConfirm that you are conducting business within the City of Issaquah limits (Courtesy map provided on the right.) The neighborhoods of Klahanie and Mirrormont are not within the City of Issaquah's jurisdiction.
  2. Add Issaquah as an endorsement to your WA State Business License.



Looking for information about an Issaquah business? Search the state business license database.

Fee Schedules

Issaquah General Business License

Issaquah Business License: $60
See the Department of Revenue for additional processing fees.

Annual License Renewal

Issaquah Business License Renewal: $50
See the Department of Revenue for additional processing fees.

Solicitor License

  • New License Fee: $30 per person
  • Renewal Fee: $20 per person
  • Special License (under age 18): $5
  • Duplicate License: $2

Nonprofit, with tax exempt 501(3)(c) status or grosses less than $3,000 per year

Courtesy License: No charge