Heritage Trees

Issaquah's Heritage Tree Program was developed in 2005 by the City's Park Board to promote identification and recognition of trees that reflect the unique character of Issaquah.

Heritage Trees have one or more of the following characteristics: size or age not normal for species, historic significance or ecological value.

For more information about Heritage Trees, view the Heritage Tree brochure (PDF). To nominate a tree, email our Parks and Community Services Department.

Our Heritage Trees


  • Ginkgo — 100 Front Street S., Issaquah Shopping Plaza


  • Ruth Kees Big Tree — An old-growth Douglas Fir on the Tradition Lake Plateau (largest tree in City limits)
  • Kwanzan Japanese Cherry Tree — Veterans Memorial Park (largest Flowering Cherry tree in the City Limits)
  • Sitka Spruce Tree — Trail between Foothills and the Sycamore neighborhoods (largest Spruce tree in the City limits)


  • All located at Historic Pickering Farm site:
    • Weeping Willow tree north of the parking lot 
    • Cottonwood Tree along the path
    • Big Leaf Maple along the path
    • Cherry Tree off the trail
    • 3 Weeping Willow Trees on the south side of Pickering Barn


  • Crimson King Norway – 200 block of SW Cherry Place
  • Oregon White Oak – 100 block of Newport Way SW on the Fish Hatchery grounds
  • Empress Tree – 335 Front Street South in Cornick Park


  • Trees located at 317 Gilman Blvd NW on Gilman Village Grounds:
    • The Coast Redwood
    • The Blue Atlas Cedar
    • The Bigleaf Magnolia


  • The Giant Sequoia located at Tibbetts Valley Park at 965 12th Ave NW


  • Three large Burr Oak trees located at 495 Sycamore Lane


  • Three large Douglas Fir trees located at 305 West Sunset Way in the Hillside Cemetery in section three