Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan establishes the City's future vision and policy direction.

Its nine elements (or chapters), include policies that require:

  • Infrastructure and transportation improvements be available as development occurs.
  • The establishment, improvement and adherence to building and design standards.
  • The completion of subarea plans to address the more individual sectors of the City.

Managing growth in this manner provides the resources necessary to meet the community vision; protect the environment and quality of life; and maintain neighborhood quality precious to the area's residents.

To view the Comp Plan, visit our Document Center. You can also view the City's Olde Town Subarea Plan, which is an addendum to the Comp Plan.

Plan Amendments

Each year, administration develops a scope of Comprehensive Plan amendments to be considered by the community, Planning Policy Commission and the City Council over the following year, as allowed in the Growth Management Act (GMA). This proposed list is referred to as the annual Comprehensive Plan docket. Find the current list of proposed amendments, here.

Requesting an Amendment

Any individual, organization, business or other group may propose a Comprehensive Plan amendment. Affected property owners must agree to site-specific requests. Amendment requests must be made before the Planning Policy Commission's second meeting in January, or Jan. 31, whichever is earliest.

Staying Involved

After the docket is approved, the Planning Policy Commission will review proposed amendments individually and seek public comment. Public comment can be provided at Planning Policy Commission and City Council meetings, by mail or by email.