Rowley Redevelopment

Map of the Rowley Redevelopment Opens in new windowOn Dec. 19, 2011, the Issaquah City Council unanimously approved a development agreement with Rowley Properties, Inc.

The agreement will guide the long-term, phased redevelopment of nearly 80 acres of Rowley's land (called Hyla Crossing and Rowley Center) into mixed-use neighborhoods on Issaquah's valley floor.

These areas – located in the western entrance to Issaquah – were identified during the City's Central Issaquah Plan process as having a high redevelopment potential.

Final Agreement

View the adopted final Rowley Development Agreement (PDF).


The development agreement aims to ensure that the land is redeveloped in a manner that is mutually beneficial to both the community and Rowley.

Issaquah's goals with this agreement include:

  • Furthering its role as a Cascade Agenda leadership city
  • Promoting sustainable development
  • Protecting environmental quality
  • Encouraging innovative housing designs
  • Providing an appropriate mix and density of desirable uses
  • Reducing sprawl
  • Promoting efficient transportation
  • Improve our local economy

The development agreement requires Rowley to provide and/or pay for transportation improvements, affordable housing, creek restoration, and stormwater upgrades. In addition, fees are outlined to ensure that the developer pays its "fair share" of facilities and/or services related to police, fire, government and parks.

Public process

Issaquah launched a significant public input process with this project. Before landing on the council's desk, the agreement included review from the following groups or processes: