Lakeside Development


Lakeside MapIn December 2012, the City Council approved a long-term development agreement with Lakeside Industries, Inc., for approximately 120 acres (PDF) of the company's mining property adjacent to the Issaquah Highlands.

The property – which is located both east and west of Highlands Drive Northeast – was zoned for "Mineral Resources," which allowed the owners to mine gravel and sand. This development agreement changes the zoning of a portion of Lakeside's property to "Urban Village" and enables the City to ensure that the land:

  • Is developed in a manner that is mutually beneficial to the community and Lakeside.
  • Is compatible with the adjacent Issaquah Highlands.
  • Achieves an efficient use and investment of public and private resources.

The City's Comprehensive Plan states that once "mineral resource" activities are done, Issaquah should ensure "adequate reclamation and enhancement of the site." The area furthest from Issaquah Highlands, and closest to I-90, will continue to have industrial uses into the foreseeable future.

The land (view a proposed grading concept (PDF)) has the potential to accommodate mixed use development, including new residences, commercial or both. The community would then receive developer-funded mitigations for transportation, infrastructure, public spaces, environmental improvements and affordable housing.


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