Site Work, Right-of-Way & Utility Permits

Important Note: Utility work associated with a building permit is reviewed, approved and inspected concurrently with the building permit. All submittal requirements are included in the construction permit packet. Please do not submit for separate permit unless instructed by Development Services.

Right-of-Way & Franchise Utility

Submittal Requirements

Side Sewer Repairs

Submittal Requirements

  • Site plan showing the location of work
  • If work must occur in the right of way, please contact the Permit Center for additional deposit and insurance requirements.


Standard Details

See Sewer Standards document for standard details: 

Site Work Permit

Site Work permits are a combination of Clearing & Grading and Utility (Water, Sewer, Storm). 

Submittal Requirements


Water Meters

Water meters applications are submitted with the construction permit for the building with the exception of irrigation meters or situations where a meter is installed and other construction permits are not required. Apply online at


Hydrant Use Permit

Hydrant User Permits are issued from Public Works Operations. See Hydrant Use Permit page for more information.

Apply Online

You must apply for this permit online through We will not accept paper applications or plans.