Tree Removal Permits

Most single-family tree removal we see in the City only requires a simple notification to the Development Services Department. To find out if you require either a notification or permit, please see our handout (PDF).

Tree Removal Notification

Simply fill out the last page of the Tree Removal Notification Form (PDF) and submit it to Development Services:

  • Email the document or;
  • Mail or hand deliver the document to:
    Development Services
    1775 12th Avenue NW
    Issaquah, WA 98027 (map)

If you are removing trees under the hazardous exemption, a Tree Removal Permit and an Arborist Report must be included with your notification form.

Tree Removal Permit

If you do not meet the requirements for a tree removal notification, then a permit is required and must be reviewed by the Development Services Department.

Please submit the following:


Note: If a fee applies, it will be assessed at time of permit issuance. See the Land Use Fee Schedule (PDF) (Other section) for current fees.

Additional Resources

Tree Regulations (PDF)

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