Tree Permits

Do I Need a Tree Permit?

In most cases, a Tree Permit will be required by the City for tree-related activities including, but not limited to, removal, pruning that qualifies as excessive pruning, and creating a wildlife snag. The most common exemption is for the removal of nonsignificant trees that are not protected by any other means. If you would like confirmation as to whether a Tree Permit is required for your circumstances, please email us.

Please note: A “Significant Tree” is defined as a tree at least six inches or greater DBH or an alder or cottonwood tree eight inches or greater DBH. 

Tree Permit

 If you require a Tree Permit, you will be asked to submit the following electronic documents via email:

  • General Permit Application
  • Site plan showing trees to be removed
  • Replanting plan
  • Arborist Report
    • The City does not employ an arborist
  • Additional information to support your request, such as photographs.


Note: If a fee applies, it will be assessed at time of permit application submittal. A decision on the permit may not be made until permit fees are paid.

  • Tree Removal Permit $330.75 ($661.50 if critical area)
  • Tree Removal Permit: Retroactive $661.50
  • Tree Removal Permit Hazardous trees: No fee

See the Land Use Fee Schedule (PDF) (Other section) for more information.

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