Our Waterways

Maintaining and improving surface water and groundwater quality is important to the City, as these natural resources provide many benefits to our health, quality of life and the ecosystem. Many activities are conducted to protect, enhance and restore Issaquah's natural resources.

Low Impact Development

To protect our waterways and preserve our iconic salmon, the City of Issaquah is working to set rules for low impact development (LID).

Pollution Prevention

The City, which values clean water in our streams and promotes the protection of water quality, offers many resources for both residents and businesses.

Groundwater Protection

Groundwater is a unique resource to the City because much of its water supply comes from an aquifer located under downtown Issaquah. This water supply is clean and pure, and we want to keep it that way.

Stream/Habitat Restoration

Issaquah is very active in acquiring lands and restoring stream and riparian areas.

Water Conservation

Water is a renewable resource, and with wise management there can be enough to meet the needs of people, businesses, natural resources and wildlife. The City's Office of Sustainability prioritizes water conservation and works with Cascade Water Alliance on efficiency programs.

Development Permitting

The City is responsible for ensuring that new development and redevelopment are constructed in accordance with land use and environmental regulations, so that adverse impacts are avoided or minimized. Learn more from our Development Services Department.

Stormwater Permit

Starting in 2007, in response to a new permit issued by the Department of Ecology, the City expanded its stormwater management efforts to reduce pollution within its municipal stormwater system and related impacts to streams and lakes.


The City's Office of Sustainability helps the community become more sustainable and environmentally-friendly through a variety of programs that target residents, businesses, developers, green building, transportation, solid waste, intergovermental activities and many more.