Hillside Cemetery Information

The Issaquah Hillside Cemetery is a city-owned property located between Mt. Park Boulevard and Sunset Way - just west of and above Newport Way. The Hillside (upper and lower) Cemetery is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Hillside Cemetery Map

Hillside Cemetery


While deeds are issued by the City Clerk’s Office, the actual purchase is done through Flintoft’s Issaquah Funeral Home and Crematory at 425-392-6444. A representative at Flintoft’s will assist you with lot selection, availability and purchase.


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The Cemetery Board was created in 1983 to advise the Mayor in connection with the management and control of the city-owned cemetery, including perpetual care, improvement and expansion of the cemetery.

Grounds, Rules & Regulations

The City of Issaquah wants to keep your cemetery grounds attractive and in good order out of respect for your loved ones. These rules and regulations are in effect to maintain the neat, attractive appearance of the Hillside Cemetery. The city reserves the right to remove and dispose of anything that, in its opinion, is unsightly, dangerous or impedes the maintenance and care of the cemetery; and shall not be liable or responsible for vases, floral pieces, baskets, flowers, toys, containers, etc., left in the cemetery. Should you have questions or inquiries about removed items, please call parks maintenance at 425-837-3362.

Care, Improvements & Decorations

  • Flowers / decorations are to be placed only on the headstone or in a built-in receptacle.
  • No permanent plantings, markings or decorations of a permanent nature of any kind will be allowed.
  • No glass or pottery containers will be allowed due to safety.
  • The City of Issaquah or its authorized agent will remove any items deemed improper or unsightly, or not in accordance with the rules and regulations.
  • No person shall prune or remove any part of the trees or shrubs in the cemetery; however, trimming around headstones will be permitted.


No picnics, littering, exercising of horses, dogs or other animals, skateboarding on roadway, consumption of alcohol or drugs, etc. is allowed.

Death Certificates

The City does not issue death certificates.