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Development Agreements

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1. What would change for single family homes and townhouses on individual lots?
2. What rules will change if I own property next to (or near) a wetland, stream, steep slope or other critical area?
3. Will these changes make our urban villages more like Central Issaquah?
4. What is a development agreement?
5. Why end the development agreements?
6. What are the City's goals for ending the development agreements?
7. The roads in the Issaquah Highlands and Talus are too narrow. Will that be fixed?
8. What will happen with the unbuilt property at Issaquah Highlands and Talus?
9. Will the open space near my house be protected or can it be developed in the future?
10. Can parks and trails be changed if these new rules are adopted?
11. Will trees be as regulated in the Urban Villages as they are in the rest of the City?
12. Why haven’t I heard about this before now?
13. What is a FAR (Floor Area Ratio) and why is the City proposing it?
14. What is a Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) and where would the City allow those to be used?